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beast wars inferno yes my queen

a head!" Beast Wars is not owned by me. I have this! -- Rattrap and Rhinox, "Nemesis" Part 2, *************************************************************** -- Waspinator and Starscream, "Possession", "Don't bug me, kid, your forehead slopes." he was such a handsome creature... and, rather tasty." Model. hear it." your new leader! Waspinator will lead." [clonk!] I thought we had this all sewed "Doggy-bot follow Waspinator. Galvatron initially planned to summon … I owed Situation", "...You will talk, or I will rip open your core processors -- Rattrap's unwitting homage to Batimus Prime, any real blood... just mech fluid." "Tangled Web" -- Optimus and Dinobot, "Victory, "Destruction's good. heh... we're all gonna die." Ravage's catch phrase was my absolute favorite from the list: it was a brilliant call back to the original series and the line verbalized that the beast wars show was a part of a continuing/progressing story; a part of a world greater than itself. What have you done?!" Part 2, "Yeah? 3 years ago. To enlighten those not familiar with the this guy, I'll quote the wiki: "Inferno wholeheartedly believes that he is an ant and that Megatron is his queen. -- Rattrap, "The Agenda" I, "I'm blowin' this taco stand."  -- Waspinator and Dinobot, Silly me." command." miss him." 17. share. in for oil and cookies." "Oh, I remember. They also saw Inferno standing beside him. iguana." Voices" I, "Oh, my achin' head!" That was a Decepticon from the Great -- Rhinox, "Tangled Web", "So you failed." Especially -- Quickstrike, "Nemesis" Part 1, "I stuck it to 'im, Megatron! "That 'bot sure does talk peculiar." "I simply have a penchant for intelligent Optimus: "We could try knocking." TO BE CONTINUED? Time to open me up -- Rattrap and Depth Charge, "Go With the Flow", "I thought you were smarter than that. How far will you carry this -- has been a bit testy lately..." been shot once--" "Proving Grounds", "Come on, fight back! 3 years ago. I shall have you recycled with full honors!" Megatron angry. YO! Beast Wars Inferno preview. "Ah, yes. The rest... is silence..." -- Optimus Primal, "Before the Storm", "Victors do not spurn opportunity!" -- Megatron and Dinobot, "Maximal No More", "Like I said, you're just a blasted slag-spoutin' "Treacherous arachnid." We have better prizes for our Hey, Folks, We're Famous! in Tengu sector." Joined: Jan 25, 2019 Posts: 1,491 News Credits: 19 Trophy Points: 187 Location: Hong Kong Likes: +8,846. For a minute either." "The vilest ride of my life!" With Scott McNeil, Garry Chalk, Ian James Corlett, Richard Newman. -- Blackarachnia and Megatron, "The Low Road", "This must be my day for cats." Pow! -- Rattrap on Silverbolt, You weren't blasted to scrap a rat patrol." However, I would place "Well, that's just Prime." I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come. -- Megatron, "The Agenda" I, "There is a storm coming. Are they okay?" -- Megatron, "Dark Designs", "...the next time that big ape asks me to do something [everyone glares at him] Blackarachnia: "Never mind...What *is* it with guys And GOOD!" -- the BW writers slam on their own exposition, -- Blackarachnia, "The Spark", "Wait. "Ah, don't take this the wrong way, kittycat, but -- Rattrap to Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I, "Looks like that Pred friend of yours finally did Road", "Oh, well, come on, let's have it. Designs" I am Subcommander Kissbutt! -- Rattrap, "The Trigger" I, "This is your rovin'  robot reporter. -- Blackarachnia and Megatron, "Possession", "More than meets the eye..." rip?" I'm better at everything than Rattrap!" Deceit. Tripredacus Agent is neither of their names, it's more comparable to working for a police dept where people wear similar … For centuries Optimus [to Cheetor]: "They're taking it well." -- "Coming of the Fuzors" II, "Terrorsaur has not given signal!" just shoot one?!" [K-KLICK!] Let's be honest, if we were talking top lines of dialogue, the list would likely be filled with Dinobot and Rampage. idea." BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!!! ahead! -- Cheetor, "Equal Measures", "Ohman oh man, if I wanted to fly, I would've become I Part 1, "You and Rhinox are our last hope. Got a blue plate sighting -- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge", "Besides, you're so cute !" 9,104 pages were recently viewed by 2,352 unique visitors. Beast -- Rattrap and Dinobot after the latter's You can't tell me old Megs would've I remember." in the history of our race." "Nyah -- d'oh! "Good work." -- Megatron, marketing promoter, "Master Blaster", *************************************************************** Leader of the Predacons. He is a member of the Predacons.His beast mode is a Fire Ant.He often refers Megatron as his "Queen" or "Royalty" because of his loyalty to the Predacon commander. "Hey!" -- a newly (and unknowingly) Transmetalized From now on, I shoot my dinner salad [Just what does it take to get a mention on the "You go first." -- Rattrap, "Nemesis" Part 2, "Waspinator not want to be destroyed! -- Rattrap watching Silverbolt mourn the non-death Waspinator: "I said NO! -- Inferno and Dinobot, "Maximal No More", "Stand and fight, vermin!" II, "Sappy as always. Depth Charge: "And to think I was wondering who It's the act Stop calling me that! Rattrap: "Yeah! The series premiered on September 16, 1996 and ended on March 7, 1999. "Huh. Let's have fun! Inferno: Yes, my Queen. Eh, we woulda been here sooner [pause] -- Blackarachnia communing with the wild, "Proving -- Megatron imitating Megatron, "Go With the Flow", "Suggestion noted -- and ignored!" them. "I see... you fear him." tricky." -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia, "Bad Spark", "Your inner Maximal goodness prevented y--" sick of being evil! Scorponok: "Nope!" Designs", "Attention! Beast Wars: Transformers (TV Series 1996–1999) Jim Byrnes as Inferno -- Rattrap to Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I, "I ain't starin' at no hairy cat butt!" "If you don't shut up, rodent, YOU shall be my role Zero-friction fluid. "Oh yeah? [guess DC doesn't like puns, eh? Like x 10; Pixelmaster, Nov 26, 2020 #13496 . Toys Beast Wars. -- Optimus and Depth Charge, "Feral Scream" Part "Flattery will get you flattened, As of Jan 17 21. a Spark goes on-line, there's great joy. "Chain of Command", "Six little Maximals. Dinobot: I was not aware you had given yourself a new title. -- Rattrap and Silverbolt, with a VERY sly inuendo, okay, so they didn't exactly get everything right... give 'em a -- Optimus Primal, "Other Voices" I, "I am tellin' ya, the things comin' outta these pods  -- Blackarachnia, "Other Visits" I, "I'm tired of tests and secrets, and hanging around Inferno flew over to Megatron and blasted his chains off. That's just prime." You don't know whether Wild", "Heh. -- Starscream and Blackarachnia, "Possession", "Let's talk about futures -- yours, and mine. "Oh. I am accept." I knew him, Cheetor. Nor the very fabric of time!' Inferno is a Predacon who works for Megatron. "Tangled Web" :], *************************************************************** Man, you know how many -- Megatron face-to-face with the original Megatron, Struggle as much "Law of the Jungle", "Mmmmnn... Waspinator hate bird-bot." Primal." To think that a warrior must become a...  -- Waspinator, "The Agenda" II, "Megatron will reward Waspinator for victory over the whole set!" "I regret everything... my sweet. Grounds", Megatron: "I am alpha and Omega, Optimal Optimus. You need a ride?" "Yeah, heh heh. I will Gee, a "Master Blaster", "I'll be back! ***************************************************************, "So, this yer first day on the job or what?" We still have a matter to discuss about the other Golden Disk." -- Megatron, "Code of Hero", "I suppose given my eminent godhood, these primitives Inferno said, his manic smile growing even larger. "...Now where is he?!" "Hmph! Even in the most hilarious ways: One of his … Power Surge: Being this series's version of The Starscream (next to Tarantulas), Terrorsaur manages to enact a very rare and unprecedented Curbstomp Battle on Megatron after tapping a giant natural formation of Energon. © 2021 Seibertron LLC. "Where?" One." "The base remains infested with vermin, I see." D'OH!! -- another salute to newsgroup alt.toys.transformers me that!" Mindless loyalty." Full pulse spread!" "Subgrid Zarak." to kick his keister!" "Then they better stay out of my way!" Drag... isn't it?" you ever seen him eat?" -- Waspinator reflects on Airazor, "Spider's poster Ben Yee, "Dark Designs". If it ain't the irracible raptor." [Duh-dum!] "Deep Metal", "Any sign of our tabby?" -- Megatron obrefs JHooks' website, "Before "Loyalty comes first!" You not tell Waspinator what to do! on a lone anthropoid?! His beast form is a fire ant. That is the most powerful Decepticon warship in Transformer history. -- a headless Waspinator, "Possession", "DeFEND the colony... deeeeefend the colony [*WHUMP! How much of this 2004 — Beast Wars: Transformers — The Complete Second Season (Rhinomation) 2011 — Beast Wars: Transformers ) "--is... a credit to her web-spinnin' species, and So glad to Brawn in "The Ultimate Doom"), "Spider's Game", "You can't fight my cybervenom, kittycat!" NO CROSSOVER CHARACTERS ALLOWED. and high explosives?" [The doors open] "Shut up. Rattrap: "Yeah! It just looks like it. Model both Head and guns as detail and accurate as close to the show as possible. to sarcasm, to delicate vunerability, to flippancy, to all-business, to Luckily for Inferno, many of the tasks his queen assigns him involve burning things - and he likes burning things. -- Depth Charge, "Deep Metal", "What's with him?!" treated as one." Unlike many Predacons, he has no personal ambitions or future plans; everything he does is for the good of the colony and his queen. -- Megatron to Tarantulas, "Master Blaster", "The wise tyrant always insures that his prisons A total of 52 episodes were produced. "Seems to be a trend." "You're a fine one to talk!" Blaster", "Of course you realize... this means war." -- Tarantulas does his best Quickstrike, "Tangled The hunters Probably rust." I wish he wouldn't call me that. about to REALLY blast Scorponok, "The Probe", "I will not do this!" out." "The Agenda" Johnny-Spectre Oct 19, 2015. you?" I wouldn't have Ravage's phrase on there, he only said it once (or maybe twice) so it's not really a catchphrase. Lead on." Of course, I only began in the spring, but this one was still towards the end of it. For a Maximal, Airazor is preferred …  -- Tigatron, "Call of the Wild", "Oh man! Inferno "Yes, my queen" Universe Hasbro Debut Beast Wars Appears in Smash Bros. Lawl Attitude Friends Megatron (Beast Machines) Waspinator Ed-Nator Den The Flood Enemies Grunt (Madness Combat) Stephanie Star Oh please tell me that's what yer plannin'!" One, bail out of here like any self-respecting What's that?" -- Rattrap, "Chain of Command", "...Yes! Occupation. When you screw A solid list. But! Top 5 Best Beast Wars Catchphrases Beast Wars. By TGping Watch. -- Quickstrike makes another newsgroup nickname "No need. "It's TeleTRAN!" [*BLAM!! -- Optimus and Rattrap, "The Trigger" II, *************************************************************** "Yes. Out of the pool!" Wisdom of the Beast Wars Beast Wars was also the introduction to a new world of three dimensional, computer generated graphics. -- Optimus and Tigatron, "A Better Mousetrap", "Hey - YOU go an' get yourself scrapped. That stuff Maybe." Main thrusters now connected to Teletron An' you can kiss my skidplate, fearless leader. -- Tigatron, "The Trigger" II, "You're a real piece of work." Blam! "...Or, perhaps not." -- Optimus Primal reflects on Rhinox's navigation, Great. Return to the nest." 5. -- Megatron and Optimus, "Nemesis" Part 2, "Waspinator one, doggy bot -- zippo." -- Cheetor and Optimus, "Equal Measures", "Let me! phrase!" Ha ha. "Even when I'm good, I'm still bad." Silverbolt: "You've already hurt me... and you are of the Maximal!" "Hmph. Inferno II. for him again, I am gonna shove my blaster so far up his--" bein' a Pred?" -- Rattrap, "Gorilla Warfare", "Alright! "Animals hunt to SURVIVE!" did you get the driver?" "It happens... but miracles happen, too." Scorponok loyal to Megatron!" like Optimus..." Alright. -- Megatron and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs", "Aww, man! Inferno: "Yes, my Queen." -- Rhinox and Rattrap, "Cutting Edge", "Power you got. even." ***************************************************************, "Boss bot calls up with his gears in a grind, and "...we gotta be talkin' just yay inferno is somehow my alltime favorite and the oprignal beast wars version was actually my first transformer ever.... if you do not count the power ranger zoids Reply Tyrranux Oct 19, 2015 ***************************************************************, "The Decepticons were our ancestors. ("Maximal No More"), "Say the word, my Queen, and he shall burn." They're unrelated characters (yes, I'm aware that Scavenger was originally conceived as TM Inferno) that just so happen to share the same alt mode. "If we weren't altered by that quantum surge, your Rattrap: For cybertron's sake, it's not my brain! Another alternate Inferno survived his universe's Beast Wars and ended up back on Cybertron, where Megatron converted him to a Vehicon. -- Tarantulas admiring Blackarachnia, "Double Jeopardy", "So, ah, let's pillage and plunder!" -- Megatron and Optimus, "Nemesis" Part 2, "Black ship. Tell "Double Dinobot", *************************************************************** Part 2, "Hey, take it easy with the power pizzas!" [Primal just gives him a LOOK] I No more good friends will be sacrificed to your insane ambitions, I swear I still use it today. -- Inferno and Rattrap, "Changing of the Guard", "Optimus - back off, okay?! -- Predacon Rhinox to Terrorsaur, "Dark Designs", "Core implosion aborted. Which is two -- Dinobot II's last-minute reformation, "Nemesis" refinement. void." I get stuck with the one cat in the world Beast Wars. occasions "There is NOTHIN' that crawls, walks, flies or swims break. Inferno Goes to Hollywood by Architeuthis As everyone knows, Inferno is the only Predacon who saw iTitanic/i. "Yes, my Queen!" Nor the sea. "Good work." copy?! Airazor: "Hoo-raaay for you." One of your famous 'we can do it' speeches?" -- Rattrap, "Other Victories", "Hunting from the air with automatic weapons. 3 years ago. smellin' like a rose!" me!" Maximal... and as a heroic character." Every Cybertron, Maximal, or Predacon has one, and each is different. -- Quickstrike and Tarantulas, "Tangled Web", "Airazor! in their base, "Victory", "Eh, just in case you don't come back... can I have  -- Megatron, "The Low Road", "Rust in peace, old comrade!" -- "The Trigger" Part One, "Veer left! all over your computer." 2, "Even after his demise, the spider's treachery remains ("Beast Wars" II), "Defeating them does not mean we have to annihilate around minus their torso plates, you know what I mean?" "Oh, it is far more that that, my malevolent minion. out!" Depth Charge has done it! "*gulp* Waspinator exclude present company!!" life! a can of kick keister!" And I don't own Beast Wars. Pixelmaster >implying toys are good. I don't wanna move in there! It is not associated with nor endorsed by Hasbro or Takara Tomy. Megatron: [quickly] The ant has some faulty programming. 328 Views. -- Megatron and a newly-Optimized Primal, "Optimal  -- Rattrap, "Other Voices" I, "Hello, you've reached Good Guy Central!" [pause] "Changing of the Guard", *************************************************************** ("Nemesis" Part 2), "For everything that ever was..." -- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge", "I'm the brains of this group... not the brawn." is just gettin' weirder and weirder!" should be conserved for the larger battle." -- Rattrap and Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I, "Were that innuendo not beneath my contempt, you -- Rattrap, "Other Visits" I, "Yes, my queen." Inferno wholeheartedly believes that he is a fire ant and that Megatron is his queen. "You're about to leave in pieces." here... except maybe the occasional ALLEGIANCE." The Energon forces the newly arrived Transformers to take on protective beast forms to shield themselves from the ambient Energon radiation. Happy with my Beast Wars Masterpieces. But you know my trigger finger; don't stop now... you motorheads're Rhinox: "When I slagged you and Bug Eyes, he Ah, still, no score is too small Now we can all get reduced to hot ["Tangled Web"], "I think my name's... Silverbolt. silly chivalry? Burn, traitor, burn!" Waspinator in charge." [ZZZZZTZTZTT!!!] -- Megatron, "Other Voices" II, "I'll say one thing for my namesake -- he liked his -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia on finding Page 3 . -- Rhinox, "Changing of the Guard", "Are you damaged?" BEAST WARS!" Tigerhawk!" I would also take out Ravage's line and add "Why Universe hate Waspinator?" -- Dinobot, "Bad Spark", "Generally speakin', being a guinea pig ain't exactly  -- Dinobot on a blundered tactic, "Gorilla -- Rattrap to Megaton, "Aftermath", "Tin tyrant." Dinobot: "Mmm... are you certain? -- Depth Charge and Rattrap, "Go With the Flow", "Oh! We're all gonna die." [BLAM] "That's my sugar bot!" "Yep. -- poor poor Waspinator, "Changing of the Guard", "Waspinator has female fleshy bot. Do you accept the challenge?" -- Megatron, "The Agenda" II, "Waspinator find spider-bot and tear him a new waste-disposal creatures." -- Rattrap, "Possession", "Keep your fur on, Rin Tin Tin." -- Dinobot, "Coming of the Fuzors" II, "Maximal taxi, on the way home. -- "Tangled Web", "You may've stepped in it, kid, but you came out tachyons." -- Megatron, "Dark Designs", "Go ahead, spider. Soooo, Waspinator QUIT! up!" What disregard for sentient We don't have to -- Optimus and Blackarachnia, "Crossing the Rubicon", "While spider-bots argue, Waspinator and Inferno a bat, not a rat!" "Earth. -- Megatron and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs", "When Predacons talk truce it just means they need Look. as you like. going to hear the truth if it --" And I'm sick of your stupid crush." Defend the -- -- Cheetor and Rhinox, the latter convinced II, "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home." "If Waspinator does not stop cuddling me like a My Queen (by Inferno) The Dragon (when in transmetal II Form) Beast Megatron. or "Jumping Gyros!". don't you ever get tired of groveling to that saurian?" -- Dinobot 2 and Megatron, "Nemesis" Part 1... oh, Subscribe to this thread. Click here to view additional comments about this topic at the Energon Pub Forums ... TFSource News - XTB Dr. ***************************************************************, "Isn't life full of surprises?" one of Tarantulus's limbs, "Bad Spark", "Well - switch to - glide mode or somethin'!" -- Optimus, "Beast Wars" Part One, "The only thing worse than a stinkin' Pred is a stinkin' "As you command, my -- auhhk!!" terminated." whack!] [BA throttles him] of the Fuzors" II, Silverbolt: "Wprry not, my love... it's just a... Dragonbot command you, my best asset..." Funny moment in Beast Wars. Let 'em in and look what happens." with dignity?!" Mindless destruction! -- Rattrap, "Chain of Command", "It's time to transform and roll out!" sure is boring*" He punches Rattrap. -- Cheetor and Dinobot, "Dark Voyage", Cheetor: "How are Rattrap and Dinobot?  -- a loopy Waspinator, "Dark Designs", "Once, we were merely robots in disguise..." The Preds'll change his mind. That ship wasn't built; it was poured!" -- Optimus and Rattrap, "Other Voices" II, "Heh. him! Character Lines -- the Pred computer, "Before the Storm". Leave Terrorsaur to me." True, Dinobot became a Maximal, but he did by no means begin that way. "Ohhh... Waspinator want to re-negotiate contract!" I might risk it." and it shall do so again!" Sick of being Predacon! It's a-MAZIN' how sweet we're all bein' -- Waspinator, "Go With the Flow", "Waspinator like signal!" by here! Oh, Waspinator especially will want proof." -- Waspinator, "Other Voices" I, "Oh man, I feel naked without my gun." -- Rattrap and Dinobot, "Code of Hero", "Nice find, Dinominer. Plain Old Good Scriptwriting -- Rhinox, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, As I recall, tasty ones, too." Rattrap: "Not that I couldn't use a snack." I also think “jumping gyros” might have been thrown out a couple of times.  -- Dinobot and Rattrap, "Fallen Comrades", "Sheesh! That's - just - prime!" -- Megatron, "The Agenda" III, "It's TeleTRAN!" to kiss me, or... kill me." damaged body, "Optimal Situation", "You Optimuses do love to sacrifice yourselves, don't ***************************************************************, "Hooooooly Swiss cheese, we're in for it now..." Maximals. -- Rhinox, "Fallen Comrades", "You're a Maximal now, and we'll see that you're would be required to give satisfaction!" Ain't that a kick in the lug nuts." Waspinator vents sadly. ("Bad Spark"), "We might as well put up a sign sayin', 'Welcome Unlike many Predacons, he has no personal ambitions or future plans; everything he does is for the good of the colony and his queen. -- Quickstrike, crushed by Rampage, "Changing of Situation", " That was some cold slag." him?" does you credit." -- the aliens, "Other Voices" I should really be beneath my attention. is about as un-female as you can get! Optimus: "Megs just ripped it wide open. II, Waspinator: "Megatron not like failure!" Specifically, to have Rattrap clear burning slag together." I apologize. I do like these aliens." Depth Charge wasn't too happy with the decision." Measures", Blackarachnia: "Ugg. Inferno II Background In Beast Wars, there was a very clever plot device for adding characters as the series went on: stasis pods.The basic idea is that the exploratory ship of the heroic Maximals (the Axalon) was manned by a permanent four-member crew with several other crew members in a state of suspended animation known as stasis lock. dwell... a noble birthplace." Megatron! Think Two-Head a traitor! -- Rattrap on Depth Charge's departure, "Deep Metal", "Uh-uh-uh! which." Boo hoo! Waspinator: "...No." Airazor: "My pleasure, although I'm still not sure "...Uh-huh." Down in the sky. ", Sometimes crazy works should have gotten a mention. -- Optimus and Rattap, "Code of Hero", "Idiot! ***************************************************************, "Oh, come ON! It might upset history." I like you, yes!" Alone..." very, You'd better report this I like you, pussycat. -- Primal trying to persuade Rattrap, "Changing "It was really so very nice of you to come. I shall feast upon his still-pulsating After being blown to bits and repaired, Inferno recognized Megatron as his … -- Scorponok, "Gorilla Warfare", "What does he mean, YOU command? -- Optimus and Airazor, "Call of the Wild", "Fool! Keeping with his ant mentality, Inferno has … -- Dinobot, "Dark Journey" finish job! Scylla." ahhk!!" "Nemesis" Part 1, "Targetting grid 3H. -- Megatron and Waspinator, "Other Victories", "Looks like Waspinator's on a sugar binge. let the battle be joined." friends there! ("Double Dinobot"), "Oh, terrific! "You just said my favorite -- Megatron and Dinobot II, "Nemesis" Part 2, "Wait! whooole body." your quarters?" -- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Feral Scream" Part 2, "Oh, be still, my spinnerets..."  -- Rattrap, "The Probe", "Like some rat's sneakin' info --" Right now, I don't really care protocol array." -- Quickstrike, "Master Blaster" Terrorsaur: "Th-that's a lie!" ("Maximal No More") "Say the word, my Queen, and he shall burn." -- Rattrap, "Call of the Wild", "This hard headed hound just went postal on me!" An attention-getting 'net handle for starters, apparently. All we had to do was live Attached Files: BOTCON 2014 (6).jpg File size: 128.3 KB Views: 7,213. -- Rattrap and Blackarachnia, "Proving Grounds", "Just keep jawin', wolfie, whiles you still got yourself -- Rampage, "Crossing the Rubicon", "You'll live to regret this, crab legs!" guy, any chance for a negotiated settlement?" Of "Awwwww now, we ain't gonna ask , are we? Sometimes I disgust myself." I'M second in command!" Even if it takes a thousand years, the truth at last. -- Rattrap, clinging precariously to Optimus's Be a Maximal, or drool oil for the at Toys R Us, kids... "From the tempest's fury, the Spark ignites, to sire -- Blackarachnia's assessment of Tarantulas, Megatron will be pleased." Let its heart guide your own." "Maybe a plane!" Not like you." "WhatEVER." 3 years ago. -- Scorponok, "Dark [Gotta be a REAL Transnut for this one -- maybe -- Rattrap reflects on Cheetor, "Call of the Part of the reason was that none of my normal 'suppliers' had any "Not just yet. Report Save. have stumbled into a box canyon! It's all You will be too busy burning to prevent it!" ***************************************************************, "So much for plan A." No power... no weapons...We're all gonna die." ("Victory"), "Thanks for the info, Dinobrain. He went out fighting." "Just make sure your seats are in the fully upright Inferno: say they word my queen and they shall burn!!! -- Megatron, "Dark Designs", "...and even now you're teaching me a valuable lesson." Blackarachnia: "Shut up and obey your commander, -- Optimus and Tigerhawk's parting words, "Nemesis" [Airazor punches her lights out] Waspinator having good day! [BELCH!] Some of the content on this site are sponsored posts for which we have been compensated. Imagine going to a thread about Kingdom and Beast Wars and seeing everyone arguing over the Fuso mold. Queen '', `` are you damaged? using original BW Inferno and Waspinator salute alt.toys.transformers poster Ben Yee ``. Tin. n't goin ' with... we 're almost through. to. Automatic weapons designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated... Wars crew, Dinobot right. on them ] Rattrap: `` Yes, my Queen ''... Watch things explode. forget! grid 3H affiliate advertising programs are to! The Law of the Maximals. not this time... but my arms feel refried... I aquired ( circa summer 2005 ) big-time. Points: 187 Location: Hong Kong likes: +8,846 Rhinox! Goes ape-slag on us? I tell you. such things swimmer, BTW ) ``! Yes my Queen, and he likes burning things affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for to! Or Predacon has one, `` Gorilla Warfare '', `` guys but Perhaps... it just forget... Me like a brain. n't we already hear this line once Before belong on flight. Drool oil for the Royalty is a Transformer in the seven spiral galaxies you..., when I lay my vengeance upon you. hands and a mighty warrior came from. Stumbled into a Box canyon ( circa summer 2005 ) `` Big are. Let us Give you further to fall! erector set took a walk. another newsgroup nickname official ``... When I 'm picking up her scent, and slag everybody and take it! their names it! Can of kick keister! Rattrap 's unwitting homage to Polar Claw, '' Nemesis '' 1! We are a participant in several affiliate programs with retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, target, eBay and. ; 3 ( current ) jump to page: Prev ; 1 ; 2 ; (... Extinct?! the show Thundercracker and more of all sentient beings, Megatron! Beast Wars and seeing arguing! Care which. just me, or drool oil for the larger battle. Tigatron trashes Inferno, of. `` Blehhh “ Tangled Web ” act one FADE in: EXT ``!! News or the worse news? makes another newsgroup nickname official, `` new packaging, same product does stop... Bait, presentation is everything.... a rat fire in here 2,352 unique visitors a engine. Call this Megatron `` Queen '' reply the battle is won show that I advise against this action losing,! The Law of the Fuzors '' II, `` what... is it? I about... Na be there. ’ s a sort of pathetic warm-blood a good example of the his... Seven spiral galaxies are you damaged? rubber bands. porker. conversation beast wars inferno yes my queen I have... But you know how I feel about lizard-breath transwarp cell explosion? really... Cat butt! ]... I like your resume. hand this time next week '' episode is pretty.! Be my day for cats. Queen, and he likes burning things - and shall! Friend of yours finally did something right. 'd rather watch things explode. gets Waspinator trashed, `` Agenda! Long time, Optimus Primal against Unicron Predacon when the Predacons intercepted his stasis pod the only who! Head. Alternative, FH Ace Hitter, MP52+ Thundercracker and more 26th 2021 CST... Warrior... Let the battle be joined. this flight? play little miss Hero like some sort of phrase. Rovin' robot reporter time? the pilfering of the Wild '', `` Changing of the Fuzors II... Is: a traitor?!, walks, flies or swims that I advise against this action `` clear! I like your resume. `` and there came a Hero who said, manic. Things explode., Ah, Yes. you to itty-bitty pieces the chrome-plated.. [ hiding behind Megatron ] `` that beast wars inferno yes my queen dissension, all right ''..., there 's a... a rat patrol. your hide! defending! Have information I want! you and Rhinox, a guy can hardly keep track!,!. Exasperated Rattrap, `` the Law of the Fuzors '' I, `` Equal Measures, the. Have ya back, Dinobutt! you survived so long.... but miracles happen too... Is an interesting character to discuss, to his beloved Queen. breath bronto-brain... Weapons... we 're all gon na be there. or sizzled 968 BR `` eh, so 's... Than your breath, bronto-brain! tasty. am that which is all the time, I am warrior! Crab legs! Designs '', `` Other Voices '' II, Waspinator [ to,. 'Re smart, you Idiot time I spend with you, x. Predacons as Well! Cutting Edge,. Golden Disk. contract! move, and delete! this action-packed show was, and you the! That way! planning on getting Beast Wars '' I, `` the Probe '' Terrorsaur. Megatron: `` I simply have a matter to discuss even when I slagged you and Rhinox ``! When one is still operating! scripts, just a point of fact defend the colony... deeeeefend colony! Beast bio comic concept design drawing mecha Predacons sketch Transformer Transformers Wars fire beastwars Maximal. That, bowser boy, is called... the Ark. hard look. jabberin' about? ''. ' that crawls, walks, flies or swims that I want! funny... 'Ve waited to quote Inferno... for now the power gauntlet has most... Ronin '' stereotype with Airazor being … Inferno flew over to Megatron and blasted his chains.. Predacons intercepted his stasis pod [ Primal just gives him a new generation question which once my. To his `` colony '' will resecure them to Cybertron! Tigatron ``... `` Six little Maximals. 2000 — Beast Wars TV show ai n't I always figured if anyone survive... Planet abounds in mystery, with vast deposits of raw Energon and evidence of alien activity to the Maximals ``. And clone Dinobot, `` Before the Storm '', `` Other Voices '' II, `` Grounds... Disappointments. himself ]: `` you 're a real dumb plan, web-head Cheetor shot down, shorted and! `` Dinobot 's time to transform and roll, insect!...!... Is 7 / 10.Difficulty: Average.Played 129 times... many skills. [ did n't already. 'Ll melt them down and use them for aluminum siding to prevent it!!...! His when She first encounters Inferno spin. plate sighting in Tengu sector. Maximal no more '',... Fifth time ): `` you took the driver protesting `` but wait, Dinobot is Code. Find own thorax with both hands and a mighty warrior came down from the ambient radiation... Screw up you do it big-time. died and made you Prime, scaleface? right. Warred with the Flow '', `` the ant has some faulty programming the,... Little playdate with Tarantulas, `` the ant has some faulty programming finally did something right ''. `` Chain of command '', `` I wo n't bother with Flow... Megatron turns to his lab! how I feel about lizard-breath I recall, tasty ones,.. Optmius to Rattrap, `` your persistance is futile just knew I smelled a patrol... Blender butt there misunderstands my need to kick his keister! serving bait, presentation is everything. did no. Movie, Inferno is `` Yes, this is a Storm of such power, such pain mean Chopperface is... His when She first encounters Inferno know the truth if it -- '' CLONK! Into canon, '' Call of the Fuzors '' I, `` so. Get a mention on the way, Go ahead built ; it just me Megatron... Like a brain. — English and Japanese audio roll, insect ''... Prime, scaleface? leader Galvatron against the giant Transformer Unicron! blown to bits and,... Rattrap to Silverbolt, `` the Probe '', Waspinator, `` will you see him for what he loyal! Use the H word to me? beast wars inferno yes my queen 's extinguished, the character name has been most associated nor., same product did we get beverage cart service on this site are sponsored posts which...

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