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figurines diet bars commercial

i really liked the figurine diet bar. Powered by Tengine Finally: salad. She used them with an apple for lunch, when she was a schoolteacher trying to slim down. they were so good, I at a whole box of the chocolate ones with a glass of milk watching TV one day. I agree with every sentiment I've just read. If i remember right they changed them before the went off the market and the change was not good. I used to eat those daily! We say oddly named, as the eight-day diet had no relation to the Israeli Army. Figurines had a 'tag-line' in their ad jingle that was sung to the tune of Tangerine - "Figurines help keep you as you are...with a calorie rate of 138 a bar - my shape belongs to Figurines!" In my 30s I lost 40 lbs. Rats! I too have emailed Pillsbury. My mom finally just kept them put up in her room. I wish I could remember the rest. My mother and I ate these like crazy!! That was my whole diet and my way of staying slim. yum. They are creme filled wafer bars - choc and vanilla. Jan 19, 2014 - 1974, figurines diet bars, I remember these and they were delicious. The place, my bedroom with na 13" black and white tv playing re runs of Three's Company and a pack of chocolate mint figurines bars. all the diet bars out there now taste like crap!!!! Submit a story or info about Figurines Diet Bars,

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