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Thus, Zhang Bao was made playable in celebration of the fictional aspects of the game. ", "There are so many new things to see in this world. Eventually, Zhang Bao was appointed as Right Guard of the army by Zhuge Liang who made plans to conquer the northern regions. Dual-headed mace (Guan Yinping, Shu Force) This will save you a lot of time and give you a chance to try again. When I saw that he was going to be added in DW8, I was pretty angry that one of Shu’s talented generals (like Wang Ping, Liao Hua, Zhang Yi, Zhang Ni, etc.) He also joins the capture of Wei at Xuchang and is seen standing alongside his family and friends upon their victory. Johnny Yong Bosch. This counterpart has an image song titled Back to Back. Location: Yang Feng’s starting zone – Eastern side, next to a gate. Condition: You must defeat Guan SUo and Guan Yinping before they enter into the main camp. Zhang Bao (Chinese: 張苞) is one of the major protagonists in the later parts of the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He appears alongside his family throughout the new storylines in the expansion. Throwing Knives (Wang Yuanji, Jin Forces) Believing in duty over personal feelings, Zhang Bao feels that he can never forgive Wu in the historical route, but will still aid them when the call is made to do so. During the Battle of Yiling, Zhang Bao and Guan Xing were sent to aid the isolated Huang Zhong, rescuing him from being killed by Wu soldiers. As a child, he wants nothing more than to follow his father Zhang Fei who had just made a vow to leave behind family matters to bring peace back to the land. Bow and Rod (Xiahou Yuan, Wei Forces) Defense of Yan Province (Cao Cao’s Forces), Duel Hookblades (Yue Jin, Wei Forces) Condition: Don’t let Liu Bei and Zhang Fei withdraw, and make sure Zhang He and Zhenjiarent defected either. Location: Left of the walkway, near the throne room. 63 votes, 28 comments. Location:Northest area has a dead end, it will be there. Axe (Dian Wei, Wei Forces) After completing the missions, there should be a catapult at the middle of the map, which you can use to destroy the main castle gates. In Wu's hypothetical scenario, Zhang Bao is present at Jiangxia as an enemy due to a forged letter by Wang Yi. Location: Top of the cliff, where you were attacked. Location: Search MengHuo’s main camp. Location: Liu Shao’s starting zone, move to the east, Brush (Ma Dai, Shu Forces) Swallow Swords (Lu Xun, Wu Forces) Three Sectional Staff (Ling Tong, Wu Forces) Staff (Zhou Yu, Wu Forces) Condition: Defeat GanJi within 8 minutes, you can only acquire your reward after defeating him twice. Games: Dynasty Warriors 9, Dynasty Warriors 7, Dynasty Warriors. As the son of Zhang Fei, he grew to be as skilled in battle as his father. After completing the missions, there should be a catapult at the middle of the map, which you can use to destroy the main castle gates. Leading the other children of the generals to the battle, they are shocked when their advance on Wu is stopped by Lu Xun's fire attack, which wipes out most of the Shu army. Proud of his father's legacy, he will continue to fight for Shu during its twilight years of power. Condition: Kill Sima Shi and Sim Zhao within 12 minutes Location: Eastern side of the Eight Gates Formation has a bottom entrance which will lead you to your reward. Zhang Bao (onyomi: Chō Hō) is one of Zhang Fei's sons; historically, little is actually known about him since records only state that he died when he was young and had a son named Zhang Zun. Condition: Succeed the decoy strategy and kill Jian Wei within eight minutes after the battle begins. Condition: You have one minute to return to the main camp after Wen Yang’s surprise attack. Lightning Sword (Sima Shit, Jin Forces) The character poll for overseas fans puts him in nineteenth place for the Shu division. Double Voulge (Wei Yan, Shu Forces) Condition: Kill Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun before they get to the camp. TL:DR: He’s pleasant enough, I guess. Note: If they are no longer on the boat, you cant get to the box, Final Conflict at Chibi (Sima Shi’s Forces). Condition: Prevent Xu Huang and Zhang Liao from entering into the castle and defeat the fire attack units so they cant issue an attack. He later helps lead reinforcements to rescue Sima Zhao, Ma Chao and Hanbei Takenaka at Fan Castle when they are besieged by Odin's allies. Zhang Bao Zhang Fei's son, who avenged his father by executing his assassinators Fan Jiang & Zhang Da. Location: The weapon box will be near the starting zone of Dong Jue. Dagger-axe (Yueying, Shu Forces) Location: There’s a pathway, near the south to the boat. In his playable appearance, Zhang Bao is a man who possesses his father's talents in war. He became rather curious of their lifestyle and later became their leader. Location: Center of the battlefield. Condition: Defeat the Wu officers within four minutes. However, their quarreling is stopped by Zhao Yun, who accompanies them into battle at Yiling. The two of them even drove off the assaults of the Qiang tribesmen who affiliated themselves with Wei. Unfortunately, Zhang Bao's caring personality is occasionally misinterpreted by Guan Xing as babying at times. Flying Swords (ZhongHui, Jin Forces) With the help from the others, the invasion is halted and Cao Pi is forced to withdraw empty-handed. Zhang Bao's Shin Sangoku Musou 15th Anniversary artwork. Javelin (Wen Yang, Jin Forces) Location: The center Sun Quan’s camp. 0. ""Shu"" was a major faction during the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history and is one of the four main factions featured in the Dynasty Warriors franchise alongside Wei, … Help would be much appreciated. Location: There is a path that leads south, west of Tianshu Castle. Condition: Don’t let a Wei officer die, and kill Chen Gong Location: Yuan Shao’s starting zone, near the gate. Location: Center of the town, next to Xu Huang’s starting area. Zhang Bao uses the flail sword as his default weapon in this title. For Dynasty Warriors 8 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "What is the best strategy for Battle of Chencang?/Zhang Bao's safety (Shu)? Condition: Defeat GanNing in less than seven minutes He was saved from a fatal blow by Guan Xing who beheaded Li Yi in an instant. Sword (Sun Quan, Wu Forces) Prior to his playable Dynasty Warriors appearance, he was a Shu NPC since the series's second title. Condition: Dont let a peasant escape and defeat JiaXu Once Liu Shan is freed and reunites with the Shu forces at Kawanakajima, Zhang Bao and the other officers are finally able to turn on Athena. After his father's death, he travels to Yiling for vengeance. Location: Lu Bu’s starting zone, there is a gate and the weapon box is right next to it. Twin Rods (TaishiCi, Wu Forces) Condition: Don’t let any yellow officer die, and kill Huangfu Song To unlock these weapons, you will need to follow and complete a number of tasks which can either be done in the Story Mode or Free mode with the difficulty being hard or chaos! Throwing Axes (Jia Chong, Jin Forces) Condition: After the battle starts, perform the fire attack within 12 minutes. Once he is rescued, Zhang Bao must be escorted to the escape point to bring Shu reinforcements from his sister. War Fan (Zhuge Liang, Shu Forces) Location: Go to the South from Guan Yus starting zone, then east, north and east again. Dr. Sanya A. Springfield represented NCI at the groundbreaking ceremonies fo Condition: Take control of Luo Castle within five minutes after the surprise attack. Zhuge Liang: Successfully complete Stage 5: Battle Of Changban. Location: Starting zone of Zhenji. Condition: Kill Sima Shi and Silma Zhao within 2 minutes and thirty seconds after using the false surrender plot. Word of his notoriety reaches Zhang Fei who recognizes the club he had been carrying around. Talisman Cards (ZuoCi, Others) I'm making this so it's easier to see each DLC's contents and what they're called in-game. They also assisted Zhuge Liang's ploy to mitigate the effects of Ma Su's miscalculation by tricking the enemy ranks into panicking, causing them to leave behind their equipment and supplies. The role of leading the vanguard was given to Hu Ban with Zhang Bao and Guan Xing as his escorts. Location: Alleway, northeast corner of the castle. Condition: Before th central garrison is lit up, defeat MengHuo. The box is at the top! Dos hermanos en armas, Zhang Bao y Guan Xing, conocidos personajes no jugables en el Reino Shu desde la época de Dynasty Warriors 2, que en esta entrega se po- drán controlar. While pursuing the Wei generals Guo Huai and Sun Li in another campaign, Zhang Bao fell from a gully where he suffered a grave injury and died later on. Told to stay behind and keep his mother company, the young Zhang Bao is given a steel club to protect himself. Condition: You have 5 minutes to force Liao Hua, Xiang Lang and Cao Xiang to retreat and to defeat 300 of the enemy officers (after the battle starts) ", "Father, I want to ask you about-- Uwah! Video Game: Dynasty Warriors 8 Franchise: Dynasty Warriors. Zhang Bao appears as a character in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which romanticises the historical events before and during the Three Kingdoms period. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends - Complete Edition for PlayStation 4 (PS4). Condition: You have eight minutes to kill Chen Jiao, Wang Shuang, Cao Zhang or Chen Wei (three of them) after the battle starts. Condition: You have five minutes to find the maiden’s sister after the battle begins. Upon meeting his cousin Guan Xing for the first time, the two of them competed over the position of vanguard leader through an archery contest. I don't have all of the DLC, so I can't list everything available accurately. Great Sword (Guan Ping, Shu Forces) Trishula (Wang Yi, Wei Forces) Spear (Ma Chao, Shu Forces) Location: You’ll find this near the northwest garrison, outside the castle. He is often seen with his father or one of his father's brothers. Bomb (Dong Zhuo, Other) I'm going exploring! Afterwards, Zhang Bao works together with Guan Xing in the northern campaigns at Jieting. Chain and Sickle (JiaXu, Wei Forces) Condition: Defeat all Wu Officers within five minutes of their arrival. Proud of his father's legacy, he will continue to fight for Shu during its twilight years of power. Helping his allies, Zhang Bao helps secure the peninsula for Shu, but because the main bulk of the Shu army is now at Hanzhong, Wei and Wu take the opportunity to defeat Guan Yu at Fan Castle and slay him and many other Shu officers at Mai Castle. Condition: You can only acquire it if you defeat Liu Bei the first time, within 5 minutes after the order is given. Before setting off, Zhang Bao and Guan Xing attend a banquet alongside their sisters. Pike (Lu Meng, Wu Forces) Remember to save your game before fulfilling the condition to unlock these weapons. Condition: Open the gates of the Baidi Castle within fourteen minutes. Later, he helps Jiang Wei in invading Luoyang. As he grew older, it became apparent that his wild personality did not mesh well with school life, so his mother enrolled him in martial arts lessons. Bow (Huang Zhong, Shu Forces) Condition: Rescue Hu Xiu, Fu Fang and Yu Jin before aiding fan castle, and defection. Zhao Yun: Successfully complete Stage 2: Battle Of Hulao Gate. Condition: Rescue all the animals before Sun Quan reaches the first checkpoint. While camping at Yidu, the forces of Hu Ban were attacked by Wu soldiers led by Sun Quan's own nephew Sun Huan. His last story has him become acquainted with his younger sister Xingcai who is implied to have come from a different mother than his due to having been raised separately. Condition: Protect the garrisons (east) » Dynasty Warriors 8 » DW8 Character Appearances. Forced to serve the Olympians, Zhang Bao ends up crossing paths with many of Shu's officers, who are fighting for the Coalition. In Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, Zhang Bao is given a bond story that explores his younger years. Location: Northwestern battlefield area. Location : East of Zhuge Liang’s camp, middle of the path. It has the weapon box. Also, the catapults shall be captured before the attack. So all of the weapons are obtainable in classic stages. Location: On a staircase, located at the south of Zhang Liao’s starting zone. Extension Blade (Yuan Shao, Other) Cancer.gov. He also captured Cui Yu during Hu Ban's assault on the enemy main camp. https://koei.fandom.com/wiki/Zhang_Bao_(Shu)?oldid=451868, David Jonas - Dynasty Warriors 9 (English), "I won't let you scum ruin the dreams of our fathers! Location: Luoyang, burning alleyway. - Meteor Hammer: Zhang Bao, Xu Sheng. Comments Add a Comment. Wheels (Sun Shangxiang, Wu Forces) Flute (Zhenji, Wei Forces) Rapier (Liu Shan, Shu Forces) Location: Starting Zone (Zhong Yi). He was designed to look like a "younger Zhang Fei". Orb and Specter (GuoJia, Wei Forces) Location: SuanQuan’s starting zone. Location: The southeastern path has a cliff at her end. Location: You can find the box after breaking the great, it will be right next to the other gate. In Wei's story, Zhang Bao appears among the forces leading the initial assault at Hanzhong during the historical route. Relations between Wu and Shu improved later on after Liu Bei's death from illness. Location: Near a garrison, east of Zhang He’s starting zone. Zhang Bao dueled against the officers Xie Jing and Li Yi until his steed was shot by an arrow fired by Tan Xiong. Curved Sword (Zhou Tai, Wu Forces) Zhang Bao can survive the events of Chencang if the enemy ambush is avoided by using the side entrance to the castle, though he still disappears from both Shu and Jin storylines afterwards. In an attempt to appease the leader of Shu, Wu sent Fan Qiang and Zhang Da back along with a box containing Zhang Fei's head. Location: Outside the castle wall is the weapon box, at the north. Condition: Kill all the eight of vanguard officers without letting them reach to the main camp. Condition: Defeat MengHuo within eight minutes Condition: Defeat Liu Yao and Zhong Chan within five minutes. Location: Southwestern battlefield, Double Pike (Zhang Fei, Shu Forces) Condition: You have five minutes to reach to the river bank at the north, after the battle starts. You can find the weapon box on the end. In Dynasty Warriors 4, he mimics his father's brave stand from Chang Ban, … This article is about one of Zhang Jiao's younger brothers. Location: Northeast corner, on the battlefield. Location: Southeast area of the battlefied. As a member of Shu's younger generation, he feels indebted to the previous generation, and, like his father, believes that taking action is the best way to give thanks. Dragon Spear (Zhao Yun, Shu Forces) Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC. In the banquet before their march, Zhang Fei is murdered by Zhang Da and Fan Jiang and the duo flee to Wu. Dynasty Warriors 8 - Hypothetical Guide Fros May 19, 2014 . It's so much fun! In Famitsu's character survey, he ranked in three categories: sixth place for sibling, fourth place for friend, and seventh place for most desired boyfriend. He appears in the revised Yiling stages for both Shu and Wu, and assists Zhuge Liang in the fictional attack on Shangyong. Location: Western Battlefield, on a cliff, Twin Swords (Liu Bei, Shu Forces) Liu Bei allowed Zhang Bao to brutally dismember them, thus satisfying the younger man's thirst for vengeance. Podado (Xiahou Dun, Wei Forces) Eight coalition warlords, namely, Wang Kuang, Qiao Mao, Bao Xin, Yuan Yi, Kong Rong, Zhang Yang, Tao Qian, and Gongsun Zan each led their forces towards Hulao Pass under Yuan Shao's command. Condition: When the order is issued by Lu meng (capture Wei garrisons), you need to do it in 5 minutes and 40 seconds. Condition: Make your way through Hulao Gate without defeating any coalition officer. Location: Northeast Gate. Short Rods (Zhuge Dan, Jin Forces) Condition: Don’t let the enemy perform fire attacks within 7 minutes after the battle starts. Iron Fan (Xiaoqiao, Wu Forces) Location: The garrison to the west of Cao Caos camp. What Does Ubisoft’s New Star Wars Game Mean for Fallen Order 2? Condition: Before they can reach to the main camp, defeat Lu Meng and Lu Xun units. It will be on the path. For his story in Dynasty Warriors 9, Zhang Bao appears with his family when Liu Bei first takes Yi Province, and they do what they can to help stabilize the region. Condition: Defeat TaishiCi within five minutes, you can only acquire your reward after he has been defeated twice. Location: The path which leads to a dead end, after the first checkpoint. Condition: Defeat Li Dian and Yui Jin before the ram is completely destroyed. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Gameplay Offers New Mechanics, More Freedom, Over 30 Side Missions, Xbox Game Pass Gave Nearly $4,000 Worth Of Games In 2020, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 8 Challenges Guide, Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple Uminyudo Boss Guide, Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple Benkei Boss Guide. Wheeled Halberd (Li Dian, Wei Forces) Condition: Kill Yang Feng and capture the support base of the catapult within 5 minutes after the battle starts. Romance of the Three Kingdoms prefers to focus on him sharing a friendship with Guan Xing as they both avenge their fathers' deaths. I suggest using Zhang Bao and just follow the orders of Zhuge Liang / Ma Su. Condition: You have five minutes to lure Zhuge KE from the camp, when the castle gate has opened. Condition: Defeat Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun within 8 minutes. ". Horsehair Whip (Sima Yi, Jin Forces) Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Location: The south of the central battlefield has a weapon box inside the garrison. It will lead you to a weapon box. Battle of New Hefei Castle (Silma Shi’s Forces). Duel Blade (Cao Pi, Wei Forces) Shin Sangoku Musou 4 trading card artwork, Shin Sangoku Musou Blast reincarnated card, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed water element render, Romance of the Three Kingdoms II portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms III portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII: Fame and Strategy Expansion Pack portrait, Sangokushi Online screenshot (Zhang Bao is on the right), Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao portrait, Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao battle sprite, Comic Sangokushi True Episode Gaiden appearance. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Condition: Take the ballistae before they can kill a single Wei Officer. Location: West to the wall of arbalests. Their rivalry nearly took a deadly turn before Liu Bei intervened and forced them to become oath brothers in the same way their fathers did with one another. When all is said and done, Cao Cao takes Hanzhong, leading to Liu Bei's succeeding assault. Condition: Defeat Zhou Tai, Ling Tong and GanNing within 9 minutes after getting the order from Liu Bei. Condition: Rescue GanNing within 5 minutes Zhang Bao Dynasty Warriors 8 Flail Sword (8), Meteor Hammer (9) Zhang Fei's eldest son and sworn brother to Guan Xing, thouh little is known of … I think some kind of bladed tonfa could work really well here, as it allows for Zhang Bao to primarily stay as a heavy fighter. Condition: Wang Yuanji and Zhang Chunhua are to be killed within eight minutes. Lance (Deng Li, Jin Forces) Location: North of the boat which Huang Gai and Han Dang took to Cao Cao’s ships. Condition: Kill Sima Yi and place 3 alters, don’t let any phantom officers die. Daisuke Sakaguchi. I suggest using Zhang Bao and just follow the orders of Zhuge Liang/Ma Su. Siege Spear (Xiahou Ba, Jin Forces) Rake (Lu Su, Wu Forces) Condition: Dont let a Shu officer die and withdraw. Condition: You need to capture Nan’an and Anding before Jiang Wei reaches. Zhang Bao VOICE. Location: Outside the camp of Cao Ren, the reward is near the southeastern gate. Striking Sword (Sima Zhao, Jin Forces) Great Axe (Xu Huang, Wei Forces) A poem was written in lament of Zhang Bao's passing. Weapon: Snake Blade Seiyuu: Daisuke Sakaguchi (aka. (May or may not be 100% accurate regarding the Three Kingdoms version.) His lively personality runs as a contrast to his sister's and Guan Xing's stoic behaviors, though he still shares a budding relationship together with the two. Location: On the top of Hefei Caste’s wall, west. Location: Southern area of the Baidi Castle has the weapon box at the dead end. In the sequel Zhang Bao has minor roles in a few battles for the Shu side. The latest poll for the eighth installment puts him in thirty-eighth. Zhang Bao Introduced in Dynasty Warriors 8. Location: North of Lin Yan’s Starting zone. In the hypothetical route, Zhang Bao appears as one of Baidi Castle's defenders, and among the slain. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Complete Edition Review – A Victorious Return, Immortals Fenyx Rising Review – A Fun Open World That Fails to Stand Out, Godfall Review – Enjoyable Until You Start Noticing Its Flaws, Observer System Redux Review – Twisted To Its Core. Location: Starting zone of Dai Ling, weapon box. During the banquet, Zhang Bao tells them of his wish for everyone to still be able to get together once again and have fun as a family. Unfortunately, at Chencang Zhang Bao is ambushed when entering a Wei castle and his wounds prove to be fatal. Guan Yinping proceeds to encourage to keep trying harder to make such a dream a reality. Condition: You have seven minutes to kill Jiang Wei and Guan Suo after Liu Shan withdraws. During Shu's hypothetical route, he assists Zhuge Liang's efforts in thwarting Lu Su at the region of Lukou. Location: Northwestern corner of the castle. Location: Two staircases lead to a dead-end; they’re at the southern part of the castle and eastern staircase will take you to the box. He occasionally appears together with Guan Xing to defend their home. Location: Out of the Cao Ren’s camp, the weapon box is next to the west garrison. In Dynasty Warriors I know some people really like Zhang Bao, but honestly I don’t have much to say about him. Condition: The first time you fight Guan Yu, defeat him within three minutes. Location: A weapon box is located next to southeastern garrison. While participating in the campaign against Xiahou Mao, he and Guan Xing helped capture the city of Nan'an after uncovering Cui Liang's deceit. Dynasty Warriors 8 (Video Game 2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Dynasty warriors 8 will release on JAPANinFebruary 28 2013.this creation of Dynasty warriors 8have new battles with maps. Inheriting his father's caring nature, and combined his passionate personality often helps build morale for troops and allies alike. I always find it really strange for those who are alive for liturally years and years on end for them to retain such youth … Condition: Zhang Liao, Li Dian, Yue Jin have to be killed within ten minutes. Shaman Rod (Zhang Jiao, Others) Flail Sword (Zhang Bao, Shu Forces) drive the catapult inside, after the wall have been break down, on the left side of where the ambush is located, there are many regular soldiers and no officers, on the far edge (right side) of the wall you can smash it with the catapult. Condition: Block the path twice and make sure you kill all of the Shu officers (within eight minutes) Location: Southeast of Cao Ren, next to the gate. Condition: You have eight minutes to find ZuoCi after he appears. When Omega Force was thinking of new characters to add to Shu, Liao Hua and Wang Ping were considered choices. He also serves as Zhang Fei's substitute officer during the third title. His most notable appearances are the battle of Yi Ling and the battle of Bai Di Castle. For the fourth title, Zhang Bao and his sister and friends were part of Liu Shan's party until he was captured and imprisoned by Athena. Dynasty Warriors 8 360 PS3 PS4. Condition: Defeat Lu Meng and Zhou Tai in less than 12 minutes. Condition: Rescue Hou Cheng, Song Xian and Wei Xu before theyre defected Cai Wenji: Successfully complete Stage 11 (Hypothetical): Campaign For Jianye. Easy to use you can be up and you can be modifying your PS4 games in minutes. Spike Shield (Cao Ren, Wei Forces) Debuting in 1: Wei: Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, … 5th Weapons in Dynasty Warriors 8 allow the character of your choice to use EX attacks. Category:Dynasty Warriors 8 Artwork | Gongjin's Campaign Memorials | Fandom. Mace (Pang De, Wei Forces) Zhang Bao is a friend of Guan Xing, though they do have moments of rivalry, but he doesn't really interact with Xingcai at all. Condition: Kill XuShu in less than eight minutes. After Zhang Bao's father was murdered, he visited his uncle Liu Bei to announce his intent of seeking revenge against Wu where the killers Fan Qiang and Zhang Da had fled. He is an adventurous youth who harbors a strong sense of responsibility and enjoys taking care of his friends. Location: Wing Pings starting location. Not long after, Cao Pi leads five armies in order to take Chengdu. Bao Sanniang: Pacification of Nanzhong (Hypothetical stage 11X) Xu Shu: Battle of Xinye (Stage 4) Zhang Bao: Battle of Yiling (Historical stage 10 or Battle of Lukou (Hypothetical stage 10) Guan Xing: Battle of Fan Castle (Stage 9) Guan Yinping: Battle of Fan Castle (Stage 9)

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