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Quality Policy

“We the member of Q-Tork, are committed towards customer satisfaction, by providing prompt service, with uncompromised quality Engineering products. We will strive to achieve this, by continual improvement, in our quality management systems.”


To be a Leading and Recognized Organization, for Quality Engineering Products, with Total Solutions.   

 Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Supply of Quality Products.
  • Growth of the Organization and its Employees.
  • System Oriented Company

Core Purpose

Increase Customers Productivity and profitability by providing world class solutions.

EHS POLICY:-Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Q-Tork Automation Pvt Ltd. is committed to manage its operations using principles of Sustainable development to minimize impact on environment and protect health & safety of our employees, service providers, neighbouring communities and customers.

To achieve a zero injury and incident culture, and to meet our environmental goals, we are committed to integrating sound Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) practices into our everyday activities with our stakeholders in the following ways.

Our Employees

  • Work to prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring safe work conditions and behaviors.
  • Provide training to employees to support compliance with this policy as well as our EHS standards & programs.

Our Customers

  • Collaborate with our customers to develop and provide products and services that help meet or exceed their EHS objectives.
  •  Strive   to   continually   improve   the   environmental performance of our products.
  •  Educate customers on safe use of our products.
  •  Our Supply Chain Vendors and Business Partners
  • Expect our vendors, business partners, contractors, service providers to uphold their commitment to comply with our EHS policies.
  •  Collaborate with our suppliers to improve their EHS programs and performance and achieve mutual value from sound EHS practices.
  • we shall source our materials and products from vendors that comply with the child labor laws and other statutory regulations

Roles and Responsibilities:

Our EHS staff, led by the CEO, is responsible for establishing this policy, governing compliance and reviewing the company’s EHS performance with business unit leadership on a regular basis. Executive and senior level managers are responsible and held accountable for implementing this policy, allocating adequate resources and program implementation. Supervisors & Group Heads are responsible for EHS performance in their areas of responsibility. Additionally, management roles and responsibilities for EHS are clearly defined, as necessary, within company policies, job descriptions and profiles. These roles and responsibilities will be adequately assessed, controlled and monitored and our people will be clearly involved on matters that affect any of the EHS aspects. Lastly, our employees are responsible for integrating sound EHS practices into their everyday activities.

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